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Why Do You Need a VPN to Unblock Your Minecraft Account?

If you're trying to access either the free or Java edition of Minecraft from school, work, or other heavily restricted networks, you might find that you can't use the software or mobile app. Work, school, and other public servers are notoriously opposed to allowing access to a game like Minecraft.

This might be due to moral objections to a particular game, or the belief that access to online games in general can lead to distraction and inefficiency. But you're an adult and able to make your own decisions.

Fortunately, accessing Minecraft is easy when you use a virtual private network. A VPN connects you to servers elsewhere in the world, changing your virtual location so that you no longer appear to be from your school, work, or other network.

When you're connected to the VPN servers, they can request the data you want rather than your computer, bypassing censorship and allowing you to access your Minecraft accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're on a network like the free ones provided by your school or office, you might not be able to access a game like Minecraft. Frequently, games are blocked in order to prevent too many distractions.

However, with a VPN, you can unblock Minecraft easily. Simply connect to the VPN network and then download the app as you normally would. Once connected to a VPN, you should have absolutely no issues getting access to Minecraft at your school or office.

If you're trying to get unblocked Minecraft at school or on certain other public networks, you might run into firewalls that prevent you from getting on social media. Fortunately, you can access Minecraft easily by connecting to a VPN.

A VPN lets you access a blocked service by requesting the data through a proxy and having it pass the information back to you. That means you can bypass restrictions on online game connections, including Minecraft, with the click of a button.

Yes, you absolutely do need a VPN. A virtual private network (VPN) is necessary to safely access the free and open Internet.

Depending on where you are, you might be the victim of censorship by governments or companies. Your data could be restricted and download access denied without a VPN.

Further, all your Internet activity could be monitored by authorities ranging from your school administration to whole countries' legislatures. The fact is, your data is vulnerable online unless you have a VPN to protect it.

With a VPN, your identity is protected via advanced IP masking. That's a process where all your data is sent through a VPN proxy so that your computer isn't actually requesting any information. Any records kept by websites or services of your activity will only point at our anonymous VPN server.

A VPN also sends all of your data through an encrypted tunnel, wrapping everything from a game server request to your credit card information in additional code, then systematically scrambling all that information to prevent it from being seen or intercepted. It'll only be put back together in the right order when it reaches its destination.

You cannot have a secure connection without a VPN to help protect you and give you full access to the free and open Internet.

Protect Up to 10 Devices With One Account

Now you can protect up to 10 Internet connected devices with a single PrivadoVPN Premium account. You no longer need to worry about whether to activate your VPN on your Mac laptop or your smartphone, you can protect them both, as well as the phones, tablets, and media devices of the rest of your family.

That means everybody can enjoy the security of a VPN with a hidden IP address and 256-bit encryption wherever they are.


Protect all your desktops and laptops from spying and anonymize your online activity on multiple simultaneous connections at home or out and about with the PrivadoVPN app.

Mobile Devices

On a phone or a tablet, you can make sure that everything you send and receive on it is encrypted, sent through a secure tunnel, and routed through our extensive network of global servers.

Online Entertainment Services

Whether you're watching on an Internet-ready TV or using an add-on device, you can ensure you're getting private Internet access and safe connections with PrivadoVPN.


You don't have to choose what devices to protect while you're at home. Install PrivadoVPN on your router and protect multiple devices connected to your network.

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