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Check for IP Leaks

An IP leak is when your real IP address (your location online) is visible rather than the one shown by your VPN. Below is the data that we were able to get from your IP address. If this is your real IP, location, or Internet Service Provider (ISP), then you have an IP leak.

Hide Your IP Address

Your Online Activity Could Be Watched

Due to a particular and stubborn flaw with the Domain Name System (DNS) that translates the complex number combinations that identify everything on the Internet into easy-to-use names, it's possible that somebody could easily be seeing what you're doing online.

"IP Leaking" or "DNS Leaking" is a persistent problem that may be too big to eradicate easily at the highest levels, but could be prevented locally. Everything that connects to the Internet is assigned a unique number called an "IP address" and computers use these numbers to find and identify one another online. But humans, who primarily use the Internet, can't be expected to remember random number strings to check their email or buy things on websites, so the Domain Name System was created to store the IP addresses of certain computers (ones that opt in) and assign them an easy to remember name (like

Unfortunately, if you use an unsecured DNS server like many ISPs do by default, outside parties like hackers, your DNS provider, or even your ISP can watch what you do online and even keep records of it.

How PrivadoVPN Protects You from IP Leaking

Routes All Your DNS Queries Through Our Secure Servers

Once you connect to the PrivadoVPN network, all of your DNS queries will be sent to our secure servers through an encrypted tunnel so that at no point can somebody intercept it along the way.

Keeps Your IP Address Private

By connecting to the PrivadoVPN network, you are immediately changing your IP address from your home location to one of our global servers. As a result, your ISP can only see that you’re connected to one other computer and where it is, not what you’re accessing beyond that point. Meanwhile, any online service or website you access will only see the IP address of our server.

Maintains No Logs of Your Activity

We are a zero-log (or “no-log”) VPN, which means that unlike most ISPs, we keep no records of what services you’ve used or what websites you’ve visited. You won’t have to worry about IP leaking because the only verifiable connection you’ll have made online is to a VPN server, and the rest of your activity will be protected and private.