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Privacy with PrivadoVPN is Easy

All servers support all vpn protocols

Auto Connect

Get peace-of-mind with PrivadoVPN Auto Connect. Choose your favorite server and automatically connect to a secure VPN location as soon as you start the app. Never again forget to start your VPN.
Recommended server locations ensure you get the fastest vpn connection

Recommended Server Locations

Experience the best VPN connection PrivadoVPN has to offer by using the Recommended Server feature to find the fastest server for your location. Or you can connect to the last servers you used automatically.
A vpn kill switch keep your data safe

Kill Switch

Browse the Internet with ease knowing that if you get disconnected from the VPN network, all of your online activity will be suspended until your VPN connection is re-established. A Kill Switch is one of the most important IPSec tools on the Internet.

Making a Better Server Network

At PrivadoVPN, we believe that the best, most secure VPN is one that has been carefully designed to optimize performance, but remains flexible enough to respond to unforeseen circumstances.

Person comparing physical vpn servers to virtual vpn servers

Our technical team is constantly working to find improvements to our network that will increase speeds, ensure maximum security, and further open the world for all our users. They are ready to respond quickly to concerns and refine our server infrastructure to best meet your needs.

Experience the best VPN connection PrivadoVPN has to offer by using the Recommended Server feature to find the fastest servers for your location.

Privadovpn uses primarily physical vpn servers

What VPN Encryption Protocol Should You Use?


If you care more about privacy than speed, OpenVPN is the strongest VPN encryption protocol. With OpenVPN you may experience slower connection speeds, but the trade-off is military-grade encryption. This is the choice of IPSec experts around the world.


IKEv2 will still protect your online privacy and provide you with high levels of security, but this VPN encryption protocol is geared more toward speed. If you are looking to watch online video, access gaming servers, or download content, then this is the VPN protocol for you.


You can get the best balance of speed and security with WireGuard®, which uses advanced encryption and information handling to keep your VPN connection safe while still getting great transfer rates.


Unlike our other VPN protocols, SOCKS5 is used through your favorite site-to-site transfer client instead of the PrivadoVPN app. This VPN protocol only changes your IP address and doesn't put all of your online activity through an encrypted tunnel, offering you a fast, but not totally secure connection.

VPN app connected to London server

Why You Should Use PrivadoVPN

Free VPN

If you aren't interested in accessing any server around the world with unlimited bandwidth, no problem. You can use PrivadoVPN for free. You will get 10GB of VPN data every 30 days and be able to connect to our most popular servers.

Easy-to-Use Apps

Get protected with PrivadoVPN's dedicated VPN apps for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Fire TV. You can also set up VPN service on any device with our step-by-step guides.

No-Log VPN Provider

PrivadoVPN is a Switzerland-based VPN company that abides by a strict no-log policy. This means that all of our VPN customers can use our service knowing that their privacy and online activity is protected from any unwanted intruders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

PrivadoVPN has hundreds of servers in countries and cities. We are constantly growing our VPN network and are always open to new server location suggestions.
PrivadoVPN provides VPN users with free server locations. If you want access to a specific country or specific server within a country, you can easily upgrade to a paid VPN plan.
If you are using a download client, we recommend setting up our SOCKS5 proxy, which is only available with a paid VPN subscription. If you are using the VPN app, we recommend using the "Best Location" feature found in the "Location" dropdown menu.

Many people setup their VPN on their router at home to protect the privacy of everything on their local network IP. However, that also means it’s a little more complicated to choose another VPN server.

That being said, it isn’t difficult to switch servers from your router backend. The actual process changes depending on your equipment, but in most cases it’s not a very complex process to change your VPN server.

Yes. When you pick another VPN server, your IP will change. An IP address is a unique number that identifies every device on the Internet. In fact, without an IP, you can’t access anything on the Internet, because it couldn’t properly route the traffic.

Part of how a VPN hides your identity and protects your privacy is by connecting to a VPN server with an IP that tells the Internet you are located where the server is.

So when you choose a new VPN server, your traffic is routed through a new IP.

No, there are no specific free VPN servers. Users who have a free VPN account can choose from of our regular servers and get an IP from a selection of locations around the world. Free accounts benefit from the DNS protection and other privacy features to keep your Internet access as safe as possible. You can rely on our servers, whether you have a free VPN account or not.
Yes. When you sign up for a VPN account, you’ll be able to use our secure DNS. A Domain Name Server (DNS) helps your computer know where to request information from. An important part of good IPSec and #SecurityHygiene is using an encrypted DNS through a VPN rather than the default one your ISP provides for you. It’s just another way that VPN security improves your online privacy.

Yes, it is possible through certain routers to set up a “VPN,” but it’s not the same as a commercial VPN. Generally, a VPN run from a home computer is simply a way to access the Internet as if you were on that network.

A commercial VPN utilizes advanced encryption protocols like IPSec, OpenVPN, IKEv2, WireGuard®, and others. These VPN protocols provide you the security that you need to stay safe online. Moreover, a good VPN masks your Internet Protocol Address to keep you anonymous while connected to the VPN.

When it comes to online safety, don’t try to operate your own VPN. Get a high quality VPN like PrivadoVPN.