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Get 10GB free every 30 days or get Unlimited Data for as little as per month.

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Reasons to Use PrivadoVPN

Apps for All Your Devices

Our apps are easy-to-use and will work on your desktop and mobile devices. You can use PrivadoVPN on up to 10 devices with a paid subscription (twice as many as most VPNs!) and 1 device on a free account. While connected to the PrivadoVPN apps, all of your online activity will stay private and prevent unwanted intruders from accessing your personal data.
With PrivadoVPN, you can safely access websites and streaming content from all over the world. Start using PrivadoVPN today and let us be your digital passport to online freedom!
As a Switzerland-based company, PrivadoVPN is able to take advantage of the best privacy laws in the world. Unlike other VPN services, you can trust we are a true no-log VPN provider who does not keep records of your activities and will defend your privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not offer a free trial, however you can sign up for PrivadoVPN for free and get 10GB of monthly usage and access to 12 of our fastest global servers.
If you have an existing PrivadoVPN account, you just need to log into your customer admin panel and select the upgrade plan option. If you are signed up to our 12 month plan, you’re already on our best plan and are getting the best savings available.
You will get 10 GB of data every 30 days for free. If you go over your data limit within your 30 days, you can upgrade to an unlimited account or connect to one of our free emergency servers.
With our paid VPN plans, you will get unlimited usage, app access across 10 devices, SOCKS5 proxy privacy, and access to our full list of servers. With the free VPN plan, you will receive access to only a handful of server locations limited to one device, and you will not get access to additional privacy features such as SOCKS5 proxy.