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We will never collect records of your Internet activity because we believe nobody should.

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Why We Are a No-Log VPN

We could go into a lot of detail about how the Internet works, but what you need to know is this:

  1. You are connected to the Internet through an Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  2. Everything on the Internet is given a unique number called an "IP address" so it can be found by other things online.
  3. Your ISP can see everything you do online and keep a record of where you've gone by looking at IP addresses you connected to.
  4. PrivadoVPN hides your IP address by putting you on our network, keeping your ISP from seeing what you're doing.
  5. We don't record what other IP addresses you've connected to, so there is no way anyone can see what you've done while on the PrivadoVPN network.

IP address masking combined with our policy of being a no-log VPN, point to point encryption, and our company being registered in Switzerland, the country with the strongest privacy laws in the world, means that your online activity will remain nobody's business but your own.

Internet Records Without a VPN

  • IP addresses for all connections
  • Websites you visited
  • Names and sizes of files you downloaded
  • Date and duration of a connection
  • VPN servers used
  • Software used
  • Operating system and version

This is only a few of the many records that may be kept regarding your Internet usage history. Moreover, each company has a different policy on how long they keep these records, so you have no idea how long your personal data might be accessible.

Internet Records Kept by PrivadoVPN

None. Zip. Zero. Nada. Several companies that claim to be no-log VPNs will still hold on to certain information about your online activity, but we simply don't. You can see our privacy policy for yourself where we lay out exactly what information we do collect so you can feel safe knowing it's only what we need to create and maintain an account for you. That's it.