Protect Your Internet Connection with a VPN Kill Switch

Keep your network secure with an Internet kill switch.

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Protect Your Internet Connection with a VPN Kill Switch

What is a VPN Kill Switch?

Your VPN only works when you're connected to the virtual private network. However, what happens if you're downloading a file at home and you somehow get disconnected? Or you temporarily disconnect on your phone while you're out? That's what the PrivadoVPN Kill Switch is for.

A VPN Kill Switch is designed to constantly monitor your connection to the VPN. If you somehow get disconnected, it could reveal your actual IP address, allow snooping third parties the ability to read transmitted data, or let your ISP create a log of your activity. To prevent this, the PrivadoVPN app can temporarily block transmission of data to and from your device until an encrypted tunnel is re-established or you disable the Kill Switch.

Why You Might Lose VPN Connectivity

We work very hard to provide the most stable VPN on the market, but no system is perfect. Using the Kill Switch will have no effect on your connection, but it could protect your personal information in case of a failure. Here are some reasons why that might happen.

Unnoticed Reboots

If you haven't adjusted your device settings to make sure that you connect instantly to the VPN as soon as you boot up, a reboot related to system updates or technical issues might leave you unconnected to the VPN. Even if you've set your VPN to auto-boot, software updates and installations might change that setting without you knowing. If Kill Switch is active, you won't have to go hours or even days not noticing that an overnight OS update has left your personal data vulnerable

Unstable Internet Connection

PrivadoVPN requires an Internet connection to make an encrypted tunnel for your data. While our software is capable of handling a certain amount of uncertainty, factors like especially weak signals or frequent timeouts can cause you to lose connection to the PrivadoVPN network temporarily. With the Kill Switch, you'll be ready to go once your connection stabilizes.

Server/Network Failure

The PrivadoVPN system is one of the most robust virtual private networks on the planet, but we can't claim that it's flawless. Sometimes, albeit rarely, server timeouts and failures will happen and you may be temporarily disconnected while our app finds you a new server or we repair the problem. Using the VPN Kill Switch means that you don't have to risk your data in the meantime.

You can't predict the future, but you can prepare for it.
The VPN Kill Switch is just one more way that PrivadoVPN protects your privacy.