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The Best Netflix VPN

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Why the Best Netflix Experience is with a VPN

Secure Servers

Secure Servers

Our secure global VPN servers give you access to the best Netflix content from anywhere on Earth. When you're watching Netflix, you want to have fast connections and the ability to change your virtual location. That way you can access Netflix US, UK, or elsewhere safely and reliably.
Safely Access Restricted Video Whenever You Are

Safely Access Restricted Video Whenever You Are

Most Netflix VPNs limit how you can use them, but not this Netflix VPN. Enjoy the best Netflix content from around the world on your TV, phone, tablet, or computer on our easy to use VPN apps. View whatever you want from entertainment services like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and more with a VPN.

Netflix VPNs Get You Faster Speeds and More Secure Connections

Get faster speeds and the best possible security by using a VPN. Connecting to a VPN protects your digital identity in two ways:

  1. It changes your IP address, which changes your virtual location. This is the best VPN feature for helping you access Netflix content from anywhere on Earth.
  2. It encrypts all of your data so that governments, corporations, hackers, or even your own Internet provider can't see your Netflix activity.

This is especially important when you're traveling and want to securely access content from your home Netflix. While you're connected to Netflix VPNs, the information contained in your IP address reflects the VPN servers, not your personal servers. That means you can view all the content you pay for.

You can either pick a virtual location from any of the hundreds of available PrivadoVPN servers or let our VPN app find the best server for your Netflix connection. Sign up today and connect to our ultra-fast servers to protect your Netflix account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is possible to unblock Netflix in other regions with a VPN. Every device on the Internet is assigned a unique IP address that tells other servers information about you, including where you are watching from. This is how Netflix sends the movie you want to your TV and not somebody else's.

When you access Netflix through a VPN, you can choose which servers you want to connect to right in the VPN apps. By using a VPN, you're telling Netflix that you are located where the VPN server is, which can unblock media from that region so you can access it. The VPN server then sends all of thet Netflix data to you.

There are a number of things you should consider when picking a VPN for online video.

  1. Make sure your VPN is reliable, and not just for Netflix. While that's a great reason to get a VPN, it can also protect the rest of your online data. When you access anything on the Internet through a VPN, be it Netflix or a simple website, your privacy is defended.
  2. Get fast servers. If you're watching something online, a slow VPN connection can result in more buffering. If you have VPN access with high-quality, powerful servers, you'll still experience seamless viewing.
  3. Find a VPN that can help you safely access global Netflix content. A large VPN server network will let you choose your location from different regions, giving you access to the Netflix experience you want.
  4. In order to get the best Netflix connection, it's important that they also have a solid infrastructure, so check that they're using secure servers and high quality hardware.

The best VPN for Netflix is going to meet all of these criteria. PrivadoVPN does.

It's very easy to test if your VPN can access and unblock Netflix.

Start by logging out of your VPN apps so you can make sure that the Netflix servers are working for you. You should be able to access your local Netflix without the VPN, or there may be an issue with the servers themselves.

If you can connect to Netflix, then test it with a VPN. To be thorough, start by trying to use one of the Netflix apps, like the one for a TV. Connect to your VPN first, then try watching something through the Netflix app. If it doesn't work, you'll get a warning that will let you know that viewing is not available for that content or there will be no change in your available Netflix movies and shows.

Should this happen, don't worry. There are other ways you can go about watching Netflix through a VPN.

Instead of using the app, try to access Netflix through your web browser while still connected to the VPN. Frequently, this will unblock Netflix when the app won't. You can also try disconnecting and reconnecting to your VPN, which will give you a different IP address, or picking different servers in the region you want to access.

You shouldn't experience these issues with PrivadoVPN, but if you can't access Netflix for whatever reason while connected to our VPN, you can always reach out to our 24/7 customer service, who will gladly help you unblock the service and get you back to your movie or show.

It depends on the VPN. With PrivadoVPN, you can.

Because they tend to run on less robust hardware, your average free VPN can't handle the huge amount of traffic that's required for Netflix. Frequently, their VPN servers are slow, leading to more buffering and dropped Netflix connections.

Another reason why a free VPN might not be able to access Netflix is that they don't have enough IP addresses. When Netflix discovers that a person is using a VPN, they will often ban the IP address of those servers. The way a VPN can continue accessing the service is by simply assigning a different IP that Netflix hasn't identified yet. As you can imagine, a free VPN isn't in the best position to do this if they can't afford enough IPs.

PrivadoVPN addresses both of these problems.

Our free VPN service uses the same high quality servers that our premium VPN service does, so your Netflix connection will be fast and strong.

We also have hundreds of thousands of IP addresses. When you log in to your VPN app and start watching, you can be sure all of your media is unblocked and ready for you to watch.

There are plenty of reasons to use a VPN when you access Netflix, and one of them is the many forms of cyberattack that you could be exposing yourself to.

For example, a credential stuffing attack is where hackers try to access your Netflix account using lists of stolen passwords found online. They have apps that can try hundreds of Netflix usernames until they find the best one.

Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attacks are also common. This is when it looks like you're connected to Netflix, but somebody has intercepted your connection. When you log in to Netflix through this fake site, it captures your credentials for later sale.

This is why a VPN is so important. By routing your traffic through secure VPN servers, you are limiting who has access to it. The primary way that VPN apps thwart MITM or credential stuffing attacks is by building an encrypted tunnel around all your data, including your Netflix connection.

A VPN can use the same technology to make sure that if, for example, you send a friend your Netflix credentials, that the message can't be intercepted and read.

These are only some of the ways that threat actors can steal your Netflix information without a VPN to protect you.

Signing up for a VPN to access Netflix is the best way to protect your privacy.

PrivadoVPN is the best free VPN to use when you're watching Netflix, and here's why:

  1. Because we have VPN servers in countries and cities around the world, you can always find one that will work in the region of your choice.
  2. With our free VPN service, you can still use Netflix. All you need is a verified email address to get 10 free gigs of data every month. And we don't restrict Netflix access for our free VPN users, unlike other VPNs.
  3. Our robust network of VPN servers is very reliable and can help you unblock censored websites, access all of your Netflix media, and safely communicate online.

The safest way to watch Netflix on a free VPN is through PrivadoVPN.

You don't need to install a VPN app on your TV to securely watch Netflix or unblock censored sites.

In fact, we recommend that instead of installing VPN apps on all your individual devices, you install a VPN on your home router. This accomplishes two things:

  1. If you have a premium VPN account, not only will your Netflix connection be secured, but every device logged into your home network will be protected by our servers.
  2. All of that protection only counts as a single VPN connection, meaning that your whole home could be defended for free, or you'll still be able to guard 9 additional devices with a premium account.

In order to install a VPN on your router, you just have to follow the directions in our knowledge base. Depending on what router you have, it will slightly change the VPN installation procedure, but it's pretty easy to do.

Once you've installed the VPN on your router and logged in, all the data traveling through it will be protected. That means that not only your Netflix data gets VPN protection, everything on your home network gets the same privacy benefits.

Currently, PrivadoVPN only has a dedicated app for Amazon Fire TV Stick and Android TV, but we are always working on adding new functionality to our VPN service.

In the meantime, to watch Netflix from another device, you'll need to manually install the VPN on your router. Fortunately, we have step-by-step instructions on how to do that. As a bonus, every device connected to your home network can benefit from the VPN connection!

No, it is not illegal to use Netflix with a VPN. In fact, it's the best way to make sure that you're getting the most out of your Netflix subscription.

That being said, there are a number of countries that put restrictions on what VPN you can use and how you can use it. So it's possible that attempting to watch Netflix in a different region while visiting could be dangerous. Please consult a lawyer if you plan to travel to one of these countries to ensure that you don't get in trouble for using your VPN.

Almost certainly not, but let's explore that a bit.
Netflix has two major entries in their Terms of Service that apply here.

  1. "You may view Netflix content primarily within the country in which you have established your account and only in geographic locations where we offer our service and have licensed such content. The content that may be available to watch will vary by geographic location and will change from time to time." - Netflix ToS 4.3
  2. "You also agree not to circumvent, remove, alter, deactivate, degrade or thwart any of the content protections in the Netflix service; use any robot, spider, scraper or other automated means to access the Netflix service... We may terminate or restrict your use of our service if you violate these Terms of Use or are engaged in illegal or fraudulent use of the service." - Netflix ToS 4.6

Technically, Netflix can suspend your account if you are caught using a VPN. They've spent a lot of money on some of the most sophisticated VPN detection software in the world. our knowledge, nobody has been banned from Netflix for using a VPN. Netflix seems generally disinclined to take active measures to prevent VPN use on their servers.

If a VPN is detected by Netflix, you'll merely get an error screen that will say that you appear to be using a VPN or proxy. If you disconnect, you'll immediately be able to access Netflix normally.

Protect Up to 10 Connections With One Account

Now you can protect up to 10 Internet connected devices with a single PrivadoVPN Premium account. You no longer need to worry about whether to activate your VPN on your laptop or your phone, you can protect them both, as well as the phones, tablets, and media devices of the rest of your family.

That means everybody can enjoy the security of watching Netflix with a VPN, however and wherever they choose.


Protect all your desktops and laptops from spying and anonymize your online activity on multiple simultaneous connections at home or out and about with the PrivadoVPN app.

Mobile Devices

On a phone or a tablet, you can make sure that everything you send and receive on it is encrypted, sent through a secure tunnel, and routed through our extensive network of global servers.

Online Entertainment Services

Whether you're watching on an Internet-ready TV or using an add-on device, you can ensure you're getting private Internet access and safe connections with PrivadoVPN.


You don't have to choose what devices to protect while you're at home. Install PrivadoVPN on your router and protect multiple devices connected to your network.

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1 Month Plan
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