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What is an IP Address?

An IP address is the way that your computer, phone, tablet, or any other device is identified on the Internet. Every IP address is attached to specific information including where it is located, what Internet service provider (ISP) is running it, how long it's been used, and more.

IP addresses are used for everything from making sure you get the website you want to see to determining where you are for geographic content restrictions. They are necessary for the Internet to function properly, but also a potential security risk if you're not careful.

PrivadoVPN protects your personal information by changing your IP address. Instead of connecting to other computers directly, telling them exactly who and where you are, you connect to one of our servers first. From there, all other connections look like they're coming from our computers, not yours. And since we are a no-log VPN, we keep no records of what you're doing or who you are.

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What Can an IP Address Show?

IP addresses are attached to a whole host of potentially sensitive information about you. And in some cases, they can be seen by governments, corporations, and hackers with hardly any effort at all.

Because IP addresses are sold to ISPs, knowing your IP can make it easier to find out all sorts of information about you including your:

  • Home address
  • Credit history
  • Phone number
  • Internet activity
  • Banking information
  • And a lot more!

At PrivadoVPN, we buy IP addresses right from the ISPs. Each one that you get leads back to us. And because we don't keep logs of your online activity, you don't have to worry that any of the above information is connected to your IP.

You also can feel safe knowing that your real IP address won't be attached to cookies and other website tracking software that can record information about you to sell to marketers.

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