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Peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing has had a bad reputation for several years, but there are a lot of people using it every day to share large, free access, or otherwise unwieldy files with thousands of others in a remarkably efficient way.

Unfortunately, because of its negative reputation, many ISPs discourage users from sharing on P2P networks. They might throttle your speed or even block those types of transfer entirely. Either way, they are able to monitor who you are connected to and what you are downloading.

And you know what? That's none of their business.

With a high quality VPN like PrivadoVPN, you can not only prevent outside agents from knowing who you've connected to and what you're sharing, you keep your ISP from knowing anything other than that you're downloading a large file.

Why You Should Use a VPN for P2P File Sharing

All of Your Torrent Data is Encrypted

Before it even leaves your computer, the data you are sharing will be encrypted by your VPN so that only you and the recipient will know what it is. Then, your information will be sent through an encrypted tunnel to prevent data leaks or snooping. We use the strongest encryption technology and VPN protocols designed to keep even the most dedicated miscreant from reading your file in transit.
P2P file sharing relies on two computers knowing where each other are and uses what's called an "IP address" to do that. Unfortunately, that also means that other people can see who connected to whom. With a VPN, your data is routed through one of our secure global servers, changing your IP so you can share files without letting anyone know your identity online.
You might not even realize, but a lot of ISPs actually will put artificial caps on the speed of P2P file transfers to discourage people from using them. If your ISP is doing that to you, using a VPN can bypass that trick. When you're connected to a virtual private network, your ISP can't tell what sort of protocol you're using to transfer files, so you may even see a dramatic increase in download speed using PrivadoVPN.

Make Yourself Even More Secure with SOCKS5

With the PrivadoVPN Premium plan, you not only get all of the VPN benefits above, but you also get access to our SOCKS5 proxy. This is an additional layer of protection that further anonymizes your P2P activity at the application level. That means that you can set your P2P client to route data through this server and mask your IP while maintaining the incredibly fast regular VPN speed you can expect on the PrivadoVPN network.

It's remarkably easy to set up and, once you do, you don't have to think about it ever again. Your P2P transfers in that client will always be sent through the SOCKS5 proxy so that governments, corporations, hackers, or even your ISP won't be able to trace your P2P activity back to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are two critical ways that a P2P VPN guards your private information and improves your online security.

First, connecting to VPN servers masks your IP address for better privacy. That means that the personal information normally indicated by that number is hidden behind those servers.

Secondly, a VPN encrypts your P2P data. Whenever you make a P2P connection, you are opening yourself up to a wide range of attacks and privacy violations. PrivadoVPN uses 256-bit-AES encryption, which means that your data is systematically scrambled before it leaves your computer. That information then travels through an encrypted tunnel, through the VPN, to the destination computer. Only when the P2P transfer is complete will a "private key" be used to unscramble the files into usable information.

The world's fastest computer would take 27,337,893,038,406,611,194,430,009,974,922,940,323,611,067,429,756,962,487 years to break 256-bit encryption by brute force. Put another way: 27,337,893 trillion trillion trillion trillion years. This is the best form of encryption on the planet and the gold-standard for online security.

It's not easy to choose a VPN for P2P, but there are several things you can pay attention to that will make your torrent downloads faster and more secure.

  1. Get a VPN that has fast connections. If you're going to be downloading files, you want them to be at the best possible rate. That requires a VPN with a really robust network of servers for you to choose from.
  2. You want a VPN with additional P2P features like our SOCKS5 Proxy that are designed to maintain anonymity without sacrificing speed.
  3. The VPN you settle on should have servers that are optimized for P2P. A lot of VPN servers aren't actually capable of using P2P protocols. The VPN that you choose, obviously, has to have servers not only capable of P2P, but optimized for P2P.

Obviously, PrivadoVPN meets all of these criteria. Our VPN servers are made to handle P2P traffic and our SOCKS5 proxy is the fastest way you can safely download online. Moreover, our global network of physical VPN servers is among the best in the world, with high quality equipment and a dedicated team working on constant improvements.

Your Internet connection is less like a tube and more like a road (or "superhighway" as people used to say in the 90s). Your information essentially travels out in the "open," like a car. And like a car, people who are watching the road can see inside and get access to that data, putting your security at risk.

A VPN is like building a tunnel around your data car. Before the data goes anywhere, it creates a wall of encryption that maintains your privacy by keeping anyone watching from being able to see it.

Moreover, a VPN hides your identity while you're online by hiding your real IP, which is the unique number every Internet-connected device is assigned to facilitate data transfer. In reality, the only true connection your computer makes is to the VPN server. After that, your VPN requests all the data you want and then passes it back to your computer, so requests come from the VPN and your privacy remains secure.

A VPN is great at protecting all of your online activity, but sometimes users are more concerned with speed than data integrity. That's where our SOCKS5 proxy comes in.

Unlike VPNs, a proxy doesn't encrypt your traffic. However, like VPNs, it can mask your IP address to keep you anonymous. The time it saves by only doing that ramps up your download speed while still keeping your identity private.

And best of all, you can set it to only work with your torrent client, so your personal information is masked no matter what you do, but your browsing, gaming, and streaming are encrypted while your P2P data transfers more quickly.

PrivadoVPN offers a SOCKS5 proxy with any premium plan, so you can get the best Internet speed while maintaining your privacy online.

I don't think you'll be surprised to learn that we think the best VPN that is both free and keeps zero logs is PrivadoVPN. Here's why:

  1. You get 10 GB of data for free every month. That's up to 5 times more than almost every VPN on the market. Your privacy is safer, longer.
  2. Users can access 12 VPN servers from around the world, so it's possible to set your location for the fastest possible speed and best security/privacy.
  3. You'll be able to stream high quality content and use P2P services with a free VPN account.
  4. Because we are committed to our users' privacy, PrivadoVPN doesn't ask for anything other than a verified email to sign up for VPN service.

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