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Get the Best, Most Secure VPN on the Planet
Hides your location and identity

Hides your location and identity

Transferring through the VPN means that you are assigned a new IP address, anonymizing your online activity and making it appear that you are wherever the VPN server is rather than your real location.

Avoids geoblocking

Avoids geoblocking

Access geographically restricted content, including on streaming services like Netflix or video services like YouTube, by virtually placing yourself in the correct region.

Encrypts all of your data

Encrypts all of your data

All data sent through your VPN is encrypted at the point of origin, sent through an encrypted tunnel, and only decrypted when it arrives at the intended destination. This protects your data while in transit.

Zero logs

Zero logs

Your internet service provider (ISP) may be keeping track of all your online activity, but PrivadoVPN keeps no logs of what you do online and can effectively prevent your ISP from doing the same.

Be Virtually Anywhere in the World

You can hide your location easily with a virtual private network. Prevent corporations, hackers, and governments from knowing your location by logging into the PrivadoVPN network and choosing any of our global servers to change your IP address.

Protect Your Location

Protected by Swiss Privacy Laws

PrivadoVPN is based in Switzerland because they have the best, most comprehensive consumer privacy laws in the world. We operate a zero-log VPN, meaning that we keep no records of your activity, so you can be confident that nobody will be able to see what you did online while using the PrivadoVPN network.

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End-to-End Encryption

While you are using the PrivadoVPN network, all of your data is sent through an encrypted tunnel both coming and going. Even if somebody could intercept the data in transit, they would be unable to read any of it. We use military-grade encryption, meaning that your data is protected by the best possible protocols in the world.

Secure Your Data

Keep Your ISP Out of Your Business

Your Internet service provider watches everything that you do online. Many of them keep detailed records of all your activity and might even throttle your transfer speeds when you use certain protocols like P2P or visit certain websites. This is legal! However, connecting to a VPN means keeping your ISP from knowing what you're doing online.

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